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Starting a Magazine ...
Starting a magazine requires numerous steps.  Below you will find some of the most important stages:


  • Content – prior to beginning your research pertaining to what type of company to set up (S-corp, LLC, etc.), you need to determine what topics your magazine is going to address.  Successful magazines provide information that subscribers and newsstand buyers want or need.
    • Is your magazine going to:
      • Share articles that no other magazine is providing ?
      • Or do you plan on writing about articles which are currently addressed by existing magazines?
        • If you are the first magazine launch to discuss certain topics, you have a great advantage of capturing a good portion of the intended audience.
        • Should there be existing competition in the category of content you will be discussing it is critical to distinguish your magazine from others.
    • Content Consistency:
      • One significant factor to help build a following of new readers is to have “content consistency”.
        • Identification & Characteristics of Audience:
          • You need to identify what your audience’s interests are and what drives them.
          • What are the specific hot topics and challenges your reader is trying to address?
          • Is your audience looking for leisurely reading or hunting for possible solutions or latest trends?
      • After you have decided exactly what the audience is looking for, you need to have specific “features or columns” which are ongoing.
        • Example:  If you are creating a magazine that discusses the latest mobile phone trends, it would be a wise strategy to always include a permanent feature or column covering this topic.


  • Magazine Production, Format, & Design – after you have resolved the content direction of the magazine, you’ll need to pick a magazine format and size.
    • What will the magazine dimensions be and what quality of paper should be used?
      • Magazine printers can share samples of different magazine formats and sizes so that you’ll have a better idea which formats would work well.
    • How many pages are you planning to print and how many total copies?
      • Quality of inside and cover paper, quantity of pages, and copies are significant factors which affect the price quote you’ll receive from the magazine printer.
    • After you’ve determined the composition and quantity of the magazine, design needs to be coordinated.


  • Magazine Business Model – you’ve squared away all the details pertaining to content, magazine production, format, and design but you now need to determine the business model for your magazine.
    • Paid – subscription model
    • Controlled model
      • Both models are ad driven


  • Circulation & Distribution – the driving force of magazine advertising effectiveness is greatly affected by the quality of the circulation and distribution.
    • Subscription program – regardless of whether you choose a paid or controlled business model, you could develop a subscription program for in-home delivery.
    • Newsstand Distribution – magazines could benefit by being available on newsstand racks.
    • Hotel Distribution – magazines can be distributed to hotel common areas as well as inside the rooms.
    • Public Place/Waiting Room Distribution – magazines can be distributed to Doctor offices and other public place locations.


  • Revenue Opportunities – publishers can sell advertising space within the magazine and also on their websites.
    • Print Advertising – print advertising is still strong and well.  There is a significant audience interested in reading topics of interest within a printed magazine.
    • Digital Advertising – there are many publishers who have also increased their efforts in developing digital advertising.
      • In many cases, Print & Digital advertising is sold together.


  • Magazine Launch & Execution – this article touches upon the main areas of concern when considering to launch a new magazine but please note that there is an abundance of information and knowledge one needs to be familiar with prior to heading into this venture.
    • On your own – you could try to handle all areas of responsibility which would be a significant undertaking.
    • Hire own staff:
      • A typical magazine staff could consist of the following individuals:
        • Publisher/General Manager
        • Editor and Writers
        • Creative Director and Designers
        • Production Manager
        • Advertising Director and Sales Staff
        • Circulation and Distribution Staff
    • Outsource certain or all functions:
      • Benefits:
        • One of the main arguments that favor outsourcing is that you could hire specialists/experts with the necessary experience at a lower cost than hiring your own staff.
        • Experts within the publishing industry can help you avoid pitfalls.


  • CircSense is your Solution – we will guide you through the challenges of starting and launching a new magazine.


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