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Company History
The concept for the creation of CircSense was born from the realization that small to medium size publishers did not have access to, or the attention they deserved from, "New York level" - large publishing, consumer marketing talent. These publishers simply could not afford to hire such talent, or pay exorbitant consultant or outsourcing fees. Thus, CircSense was created and structured with this very specific need in mind to help this underserved market. Nonetheless, due to our hands-on experience with large consumer publications, we are also able to provide our services and expertise to this major segment of our industry.

     Executive Team
  • Frank J. Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer
  • email: frank.ruiz@circsense.com  *  Direct Line: 305-607-7332 
  • With almost 30 years of experience and knowledge in circulation management, marketing and fulfillment, Frank Ruiz began his career with the largest Spanish-language magazine publisher in the world, Editorial Televisa, at their international headquarters in Miami. Frank was hired as Assistant Subscription Manager, working his way up to Director of Marketing, Promotions and Subscriptions for such acclaimed magazines as Cosmopolitan en Español, Marie Claire en Español and Popular Mechanics en Español. Frank played a vital role in the highly successful launch of National Geographic en Español in both the U.S. and Latin American markets. In the fall of 1998, he was hired as Circulation Director by a major circulation outsourcing firm, and was subsequently promoted to VP of Operations, overseeing the Fulfillment, Reporting, Production and IT departments. During this time Frank managed such renowned titles as A&E's Biography Magazine, Mother Jones and Arthritis Today, among many others.
  • Carlos L. GarciaChief Operating Officer 
  • email: carlos.garcia@circsense.com  *  Direct Line: 305-978-3796 
  • Carlos Garcia brings marketing analytics and finance experience to CircSense. Prior to beginning his career in publishing, Carlos was an Accountant and Auditor at Lennar Financial Services in Miami, Florida. His circulation career began in 1996 as a Circulation Analyst. He was then quickly elevated to Circulation Director and later to Director of Information Services. Carlos worked with such notable titles as Weight Watchers Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, Saveur and Bass Master, in addition to various Rodale titles such as Runner's World, Backpacker and Organic Gardening. Carlos, who was instrumental in developing and establishing a comprehensive and executive-friendly reporting system, brings extensive hands-on experience in circulation management, specializing in circulation-modeling platforms and analytical reporting, as well as a solid familiarization with most major fulfillment systems (CDS, Palm Coast Data and Time, Inc.) as well as most in-house systems (Advantage, First Edition, Quick Fill, etc.)

Ricky Pierson, Director of Digital Media

email: ricky.pierson@circsense.com  *  Direct Line:  305-878-5430

Ricky Pierson has a solid foundation in all facets of digital media and has experience working with international clients. Since 2004 he’s worked extensively in web design/development, graphic design, online marketing, search engine optimization and  marketing (SEO & SEM), web analytics, social media, and video/audio production. During his digital media career he has worked for Disney Information Station, also known as the “DIS” and for VISA credit cards managing all their product and promotional websites for the Latin American markets. Ricky has also led digital media projects for Coca-Cola, Flor de Cana Rum, Phooto (Brazilian company), and the Miami Heat NBA team.

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