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Common sense and practical distribution solutions for magazine publishers who are seeking to launch a new title, grow circulation, and manage  resources as efficiently as possible.

is a strong global consultancy and outsourcing firm specializing in the delivery of distribution solutions to magazine publishers in the United States and overseas, from new launches to seasoned publications, wishing to increase their current circulation or expand into new markets anywhere in the American continent.

We develop, execute, incorporate, and manage marketing campaigns which we adapt to each client's explicit unique requirements and objectives.

Whether you are starting a magazine or need help with an existing magazine, CircSense covers the entire range of functions to build and manage your publication’s marketing and circulation: direct mail management, planning and execution; insert cards strategy and design; budgets and circulation forecasting; AAM/BPA circulation and USPS audits; rate-base management; renewals and billing efforts; fulfillment management; newsstand distribution management; public place distribution; controlled circulation; timely and management-friendly reporting; source analysis; custom publishing; and much more.

Our high efficiency is achieved through solid partnerships with steadfast vendors to execute the most effective solution to your business requirements. These vendor alliances along with our aggregate clients' volumes assures economies of scale and negotiating leverage which allows us to pass along significant savings to our clients' projects.

Together with our customers, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous performance toward the launch of a new publication, the growth of an existing title, or simply run a more efficient and finely-tuned marketing and audience development operation - a must in today's challenging economic environment.

CircSense is the strategic solution to your marketing and audience development needs, whether you are considering to complement and provide additional support to existing staff, or to outsource all or part of these functions, as needed.

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